Is Donald Trump actually racist?

Donald Trump gets a lot of flack. When I say a lot of flack, I mean A LOT of it. A lot of the time, it’s well earned, but other times, it is generally ill-founded and used to promote a political agenda rather than call out the truth. 

DISCLAIMER: I am not a huge trump fan. I often find his rhetoric overly bombastic, pompous and often unnecessary. This is especially considering he is the president of the united states and tweets frequent moronic nonsense. 

That being said, I’m going to come out and say I don’t believe Trump is a racist. I simply don’t buy it. The main bulk of the attacks appear to have come from democratic candidates, congress representatives and the news media following his infamous ‘Go home’ tweet. Despite being an absolutely awful tweet both for his political campaign to retain the presidency and morally reprehensible, I don’t think it is directly racially motivated. Upon closer examination, I believe it is more a disapproval of the attitudes shown by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of ‘The Squad’. The democratic campaign has been very quick to jump on America’s negatives and have been quick to demonise people they don’t like as racist. They have often criticised the foundations of america like the free speech and ‘right to bear arms’ amendments. Trump, being the patriot that he is, has seemingly been agitated by assumption that the US is inherently a terrible place to live and responded in poor fashion. I believe however the tweets are suggesting that if you as a citizen do not like america, or think it is truly a terrible racist place, then you can leave. I don’t believe it is racially motivated. 

Trumps rhetoric is often poorly worded and childish, but is it genuinely racially motivated?

Another one of the left’s bold claims is that Trump’s rhetoric and speech has incited shootings and that if you support Trump, you are fueling mass shootings. I disagree with this because the left has not been philosophically consistent with their arguments. The are quick to jump on Trump and says his rhetoric is inciting violence but will not acknowledge it on their own side because it goes against the democratic narrative. There was a shooting event that was covered by minimal media outlets in the US. A man in Tacoma, Washington, armed with a rifle and ‘incendiary devices’ attacked an ICE Facility after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deemed them ‘concentration camps’. If you are willing to blame Trump’s apparent racist rhetoric is responsible for racial violence and mass shootings, is Ocasion-Cortez’s rhetoric responsible for the attack on the ice facility? In addition to this, Trump was condemned for not calling the shooter a terrorist so he must be racist. Trump has many times condemned racism, white nationalism and supremacy, bigotry and prejudice in the United states. When Ocasio-Cortez and ‘The Squad’ where asked if they condemned the shooter they remained silent. Does this show they support violence if it falls in line with their political agenda? It could easily be seen that way.

In conclusion, I have seen Trump condemn racism and bigotry too much to say he categorically is a racist. I believe if any hard, objective evidence demonstrates he actually is a white supremacist or a racist then he should be ousted from presidency. I find it hard to believe that a legitimate racist would be elected. I believe that the democratic side of the isle need to be careful with the way they flippantly dish out the term racism. How will the general public be able to distinguish between normal political leaders tarnished by racist labels to an actual racist candidate? I do not believe he is a racist as the evidence suggest he likely isn’t and the racism claims from left wing candidates don’t seem genuine. It seems to be used by democrats to gain an edge on the republican president as opposed to being genuine claims. 

I can however, fully understand the backlash against his bombastic claims. His tweets about the border and the ‘Go home’ tweets were in awful taste and badly written but this is a characteristic of trump. Despite this, I just don’t buy it yet but I am open to new evidence.

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