AFEMGERS ASSEMBLE! – Caroline Lucas’s big, all female, anti-Brexit cabinet.

Apologies for the awful pun.

Yesterday, former leader of the green party, Caroline Lucas has began attempting to form an all female only cabinet to mitigate the prospect of a no-deal Brexit happening on October 31st. The aim is for the cabinet to combat a no-deal Brexit and bring in the prospect of a second referendum. This referendum in will offer the option to vote remain or have a no-deal Brexit. Lucas’s aim is to have this cabinet ready if parliament pass a motion of ‘no confidence’ in Boris Johnson’s government to get them a deal. Lucas ideally wants to recruit only female members from all the major parties.

According to an article by the BBC, Lucas has invited many high-end female MP’s. Among those invited are Labour’s shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry, Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Conservative MP Justine Greening, and Plaid Cymru Westminster leader Liz Saville Roberts, to name a few.

Caroline Lucas has been accused by fellow MP, Liz Truss, of blatant ‘sexism’ but insists that an all female Cabinet will ‘bring a new perspective’.

The problem with this idea

There are two huge fundamental problems with the proposed cabinet. Firstly, it is blatantly sexist, there are no two ways around it. Hypothetically if Jeremy Corbyn proposed an all male cabinet on the grounds that “men are better negotiators” we would see a nationwide outcry. 

On a side note, I believe there is no philosophical consistency when judging people in power. I don’t think that Caroline Lucas is a Sexist. Maybe, she’s right. Maybe women do bring a new perspective. Maybe women are underrepresented. But it doesn’t change the fact that the inherent nature of the comment and idea is sexist in nature. If people can judge Donald Trump’s rhetoric as racist, at face value, why is the same treatment not being given to members of the parliamentary left wing for comments like this.

The second big fundamental issue is the openly expressed intention to undercut democracy. Caroline Lucas has always expressed a desire for a second referendum to change the course of the vote. But it is problematic as it against our parliamentary democracy. As a remainer, I have accepted that the will of the people one that wants out of the European Union. You can argue we were sold Brexit on questionable motives but the end result still stands. A second referendum, I believe, would be just as catastrophic as there would be a huge upset to the political system and the social fabric. Trust in the political system would be absolutely shattered if it was proved by the UK government over overturned the will of the people. It would also polarize us as a nation even further than the brexit division already has and possibly even worse.

8 thoughts on “AFEMGERS ASSEMBLE! – Caroline Lucas’s big, all female, anti-Brexit cabinet.

  1. Well said, I think you’ve taken apart this totalitarian woman’s suggestion in a balanced way. I wonder why Lucas didn’t include Patel, Leadsom, Truss, Villiers? And Lucas is one of two party leaders who wants a second referendum and who said she wouldn’t respect the result. Jo Swinson was the other👍👏👏

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    1. Thank you! It is interesting to see that she’s only selected views over one side of the political isle to be part of her ‘crack team’. If the only criteria is to be radically against a no-deal Brexit, then why can’t men join?🤔😂

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      1. Your argument here is much too rational! 😂 She’s apologised today for not including Diane Abbott. Lucas is a joke but dangerous!


  2. If she’s going to undercut democracy and obliterate our social fabric, at least she’s doing it with diversity.


  3. Thanks for following my own blog. I’ve tried to follow yours but depending where I click it says “this blog no longer exists or deleted” etc. I’ll keep trying


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