Has Donald Trump made the Democrats a radical party on purpose?

DISCLAIMER: I guess you could say this is a conspiracy theory, but it is a thought that has been going through my head for a long time. It is a long shot but I thought I’d share my idea, let me know what you think, I’d love to hear it.

‘The Squad’. We all know them. It has been hard to miss them. ‘The Squad’ consisting of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley have helped pushed the democratic party to the far left. Their rhetoric and agenda have dragged the democratic party so far left that even Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden look moderate. Bernie Sanders, having been on the Joe Rogan podcast, was able to rationalise his position for presidential candidacy quite well but that is a topic for another time. The movement has inadvertently dragged a lot of democrats further left, like Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi and Beto O’Rourke who are also now seen as radical by many Republicans and conservatives. But why is this the case? I think that the democratic party, buy and large have conflated Trump’s ridiculous twitter escapades as far-right and radically racist and have attempted to match intensity with Mr Trump to call him out. Maybe I am naive. Maybe I am a moron. But I believe there is a case to be argued that Trump has done this on purpose.

Trump is an unlikeable character. Don’t just listen to me, look at the polling data. He has been consistently ranked unfavourable for the presidency. Pretty much every democrat, and even a good portion of republicans don’t endorse his rhetoric a lot of the time. Trump, as this unlikeable figure, will only retain presidency if the candidates facing him, are even worse than him on the ‘likeability’ scale. It happened with Hilary Clinton in 2016 (maybe because she was also a corrupt and terrible candidate). I think it will need to happen again for him to stay in office. 

Trump is a showman. With a background in television and presenting, it is evident he knows how to work a crowd. This also makes him great at trolling and garnering a reaction from his political foes. 

If we examine Trump’s often appalling rhetoric, there is often an underlying truth to the awful comments he has made. When he made a tweet suggesting that mexico were using the U.S. as a ‘dumping ground’ for mexican ‘rapists’, it was an awful tweet. I won’t deny, at face value, he insinuated that all Mexicans are rapists. Scratch beneath the surface of tweet, he does have a point. The more immigration into a country there is from any nation, the increased likelihood that criminals will also come through the border. In the case of America’s southern border, activities like human trafficking and drug smuggling will increase if left unchecked. The underlying point, disguised in bombastic and inflammatory speech will always drive an equally emotive response from political opposition.

Citing Desmond Tutu to insinuate that supporting Trump makes you a racist, white supremacist seems like a radical assumption of motive.

Another example of this is the big ‘go home’ debacle. Saying that coloured congress people should ‘go back home to crime infested countries from which they came’ is bound to stir criticism of racism. It is another tweet that was worthy of criticism but has an element of underlying truth. Democrats like ‘The Squad’ have exhibited a hatred of america and an incessant insinuation that it is a horrible, oppressive and racist society. The underlying message is that if you think it is that horrific to live in the U.S. then you are welcome to leave. It is not a racist assault suggesting that all people of colour need to get out despite the childishness of the comments. 

What has this style of provocative tweet achieved.

The overarching theme of the campaign has been one of racism and white supremacy accusations. Trump has been accused of being a racist and a white supremacist by the democratic side on numerous occasions but what he has done goes deeper. The provocative nature of the tweets causes his political opponents to act just as radical as the tweets and that Trump has arguably been in the moment of the tweet. In case that was hard to follow (which knowing my writing style, im sure it was) it goes something like this:

Trump has a statistically proven agenda that he wants to push. With regards to the accusations of racism made against him, it has been a lot about immigration policy. To a lot of Americans, it is a genuine problem.

Trump then takes to Twitter with a bombastic, bold and often poorly phrased attack or address of that issue. 

The democratic party virtue signal against the president and meet him head on with equally radical claims of insighting hatred and being a racist white supremacist.

Trump then takes a step back from the fight, using his actual point which is embedded within poor rhetoric. This mitigates some of the social damage for his seemingly poor conduct on Twitter. It creates a split that gets an argument stirred amongst voters on whether the accusations are true. This is because he has a buffer in his justification (which can be questionable on the validity of the reasoning).

This leaves the democrats, for the most part, high and dry. They have come out and continued a radical narrative about Trump and the state of the united states based on subjective and disputable evidence.

There has always been an argument between whether Trump is a moron or a genius in the way he plays the field and his understanding of the social fabric. It’s whether his often outrageous claims are for a tactical purpose or whether he is just an inherent moron and isn’t fit to be president. I don’t think Trump is a racist for reasons outlined in my “Is Donald Trump actually racist?” blog but I think radical attitudes on both sides need to be called out on.

Author: Danny Sutton

I love a bit of politics. Challenging societal norms and asking the bold questions is what politics and discussion is all about. If you are lucky enough to have landed on this page, feel free to immerse in a plethora of opinion pieces. Feel free to comment and educate me, this area of writing is one where we can all learn from each other. All views are my own.

One thought

  1. I think that Trump has “called out” the left in America using the only weapon available. Harsh tweets and rhetoric with hidden messages. This is essentially a trap for the left wing dominated media because rational arguments are ignored or denigrated. The same has been happening in the UK for 20 years, but Boris Johnson has stunned them by also calling them out in parliament and on YouTube effectively by passing the mainstream media. But here we are closer to a totalitarian left wing regime than you can imagine, and I will blog about it on Thursday. I hope you’ll comment


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