It is time we changed the damaging narrative perpetuated by ‘minority’ groups (Rant)

Minority groups have struggled for a long time in the fight for equality of opportunity. Whether it was a member of the LGBTQ community fighting for societal acceptance or racial minorities trying to eliminate race-based discrimination for example, there were significant obstacles to overcome in our western civilisation. We are now at a very different place. Across the board, equality of opportunity has been achieved in western society on a legal basis. Women have the same rights as men, minority groups are afforded the same rights as whites and similarly, members of the LGBTQ community are accepted and praised in many ways. So, we’ve made it. Mission accomplished, right? Absolutely not.

It turns out not having a goal or purpose is something that negatively affects humans. You spend your entire life fighting against discriminatory legislation and then it suddenly disappears out of sight. This leads people in search of other things to support. whether it is a legitimate cause or a false creation of an issue to maintain group relevance, it is what we are seeing overwhelmingly in our culture.

We are more isolated than ever before. We live in societal ‘herds’ of people like ourselves with our own selfish interests at heart. Isolating yourself into little cliques allows the potential for nasty narratives to stir about other groups, and even people in your own group, to form.

It all goes back to ‘victimhood culture’. This idea that groups in society strive to be victims in an attempt to gain power or influence over a given topic. The more of a victim you are, the more ‘trump cards’ you have in your hand. This has since been hierarchically ranked. If you’re black, gay and female, you have many cards to play for historical oppression. If you are a straight white male, you are placed at the bottom of hierarchy and cannot have a credible opinion on anything. It is this power gained from victimhood that has been used to create animosity and shut down honest debate.

The narratives that often come from this are often hurtful to the groups it seeks to help. Telling a woman that they are going to be born into a patriarchal society whereby men will supersede them in every aspect of their lives is detrimental to their success. This is the very narrative that feminists (3rd wave) perpetuate. Telling black people that there is an inherent bias against them and they will never make it anywhere because the system is racially geared towards the subordination of ethnic minority groups, isn’t going to get them anywhere. This is the same narrative that prominent black figureheads and celebrities disseminate. What we are seeing is often the false creation of a cause, which is usually factually incorrect. This is used to acquire socio-political power and use it as a club against opinionative opposition.

If we really cared about the thriving of minority groups, we would be championing a new narrative. We would be reinforcing true feminism. Women are not second rate. The world is not a horrible, vindictive and sexist place. True feminists, in the suffrage period and sexual revolutions, fought for equal rights and we should be championing a ‘you can’ culture and not listen to those that slyly side with you and then use you as a pawn for their own gain.

Ethnic minorities should be not spinning a narrative that they are still systemically subordinated from white people. We live in an era where we celebrate people. We are more accepting and diverse than ever before. Procreating a message that insinuates we are still as racist as we were in the 60’s and 70’s is not only false but damaging to our new generation of children.

Whatever your sexual orientation, gender, race or religion, the western world has largely ironed out these problems with inequality on a legal basis. With regards to legal practice, no rights are afforded to men that aren’t afforded to women. There are no rights afforded to whites that aren’t afforded to ethnic minority groups.

It is time to stop undermining our ancestors that fought to secure rights and helped create an equal society. We can only do that if we exercise those rights and reinforce a new message to groups of today about the importance of civil liberty. How is anybody going to succeed if you tell them they are going to fail before the game has started? Tell the new generation ‘they can’ based on effort, hard work and merit. Do not tell them ‘they can’t’ based on misconstrued facts and a false sense of oppression by a society that has long since left that behaviour behind.

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