Why Joe Biden’s victory in South Carolina was needed to hault Bernie Sanders’ “progressivism”.

Joe Biden smoked the competition in the South Carolina primary’s. For a man seemingly fluttering in-and-out of consciousness on debate stages and making more political flops than a fish out of water – the long time moderate favourite, ‘sleepy Joe’ has pulled an astounding victory out of his backside. Having established that this is now a two horse race between Biden and Sanders it demonstrates the realisation of having a geriatric communist leading the Democratic Party sinking in.

Taking the fight to Super Tuesday and beyond and with the pledged backing of the Bloomberg campaign, the resuscitation of the Biden administration is well underway – which is better for the country as a whole.

Why a Sanders nomination is political suicide

Many leading democratic leaders and pundits agree with the consensus that Sanders is the worst choice.

Firstly, his policy prescriptions aren’t actually popular with Americans. A recent NPS/Marist poll found that only 28 percent of Americans have a favourable view of socialism. Americans are also polled as having the highest satisfaction rates in the last decade with around 90 percent of Americans satisfied with their lives. There just isn’t the thirst for so called ‘progressivism’ – Yet.

Secondly, Sanders on the ballot would be the nail in the coffin for political civility and non-partisanship. This will further divide the country even more as the public will be railroaded into picking between a loud-mouthed, Twitter-happy, reactionary child, or a borderline anti-Semitic Communist ideologue. Hitting this 7-10 split is almost impossible. Two campaigns fuelled on hatred for each other with some of the most explosive rhetoric on both sides is a cocktail for disaster.

And finally, if you’re a Democrat, Trump will bury Sanders. Trump is itching to have Bernie win the election and has tweeted about it many times. Giving him what he wants wouldn’t be smart strategy. Despite Biden’s flaws, he is currently far more electable than Sanders. Acting as a kind of Obama 2.0 and running a strong ‘return to normalcy’ campaign, against a polarising figure like Trump, might help nab some voters in the swing states.

A Biden victory opens the playing field

Having a resurgence of a moderate candidate helps restore some balance and provides options to those that are fundamentally opposed to the radical prescriptions of the progressive left.

Biden Polls well with everything Sanders doesn’t. Minority voters and suburban women will lean to wards a harmless and seemingly non-controversial candidate like Biden rather than a communist candidate looking to destabilise the country under false auspices.

With Bernie counting on a totally unprecedented amount of youth turnout and desire for socialist change – the strategy is incredibly high risk, high reward. But it is also borderline impossible.

With a fair amount of states committed to Sanders and Biden, we have a battle of Ideologies. Will it be a moderate or far-left socialist taking the ticket. It is one to keep a close eye on.

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