‘Progressive’ network – The Young Turks – show once again why they hate their country

The Young Turks (TYT) hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian among others have gone after reasonable foreign policy in the wake of a spike in Coronavirus related deaths in Iran.

Their newest video recounts the events leading up to the signing of the Iran nuclear deal – as well as blaming US economic sanctions on Iran for struggles within the Iranian healthcare system to treat Coronavirus.

After having glossed over key parts of the Iran nuclear deal, implying that Iran have kept up their end of the bargain and demonising President Donald Trump as a dictator (with words to that effect) – the attempt to cast aspersions against the US is clear.

Progressives across the board, generally fight for whoever is perceived as the underdog. They fight for the poorer community, ethnic minorities and the weaker nations when it comes to policy (arguably to their detriment). But in this case, it’s a prime example of why they hate their country.

To progressives like the guys over at TYT, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and ‘The Squad’ that say they love the country but want to rip out the fundamental ideals and foundations and build a new America. If you get married, you don’t say “I love my wife/husband” and then list things you hate about then and call for an entirely new partner all together, do you?. Patriots or nationalists (not the ethno kind) understand countries have chequered pasts but acknowledge the positives in the country they’re in now.

TYT on the other hand just love crapping all over America. As they open the segment, Ana Kasparian says that Iran have completely held up their end of the bargain and it’s that egomaniac Trump who’s hell-bent on destabilising the Middle East that’s wanted to tear up the deal.

In reality, it is a limp-wristed deal and Trump’s right when he describes it as an embarrassment. On paper, Iran have held up their end of the bargain, as far as records show. But the ‘spirit’ of the agreement has not been fulfilled. The idea was to curb their mitlitary threat to the world. Meanwhile, they’ve been tearing through the Arab world, funding terror regimes and bullying neighbours into being terrorist puppet-states like Iraq, getting behind anti-Semitic regimes that target the state of Israel and shooting its own citizens after restricting their access to information and forcibly suppressing protests.

*takes a beath* Not to mention they’re an authoritarian bureaucracy. This is why the sanctions are in place, because they’re a horrible government. Trump has stood in solidarity with their people many times so this is an ill-founded attack by the network.

A guest they had on the show proceeded to talk about the hypocrisy of restricting money to a government that’s ‘going to be a dictatorship anyway’. Their basic argument was along the lines of – if you restrict money coming in, they’re going to still do bad things with it, you’re just hurting the people. This can be so easily flipped the other way. Why do you want to allow more money to go to an oppressive autocracy, not only to neighbouring states but to its own civilians – particularly women, to spread more terror and fund more destabilisation in the Middle East? This has been spun because unfortunately, they have an anti-American agenda in its current state.

They also imply that they have been ‘left helpless’ and been crippled by sanctions. There is a simple reason for this. The dictatorship in Iran will not use the money to help its people. Every major country in the world has seemingly pulled together economic benefits packages and healthcare relief in the form of economic aid or more staffing. If Iran’s number one priority is holding on to power in the Middle East and bullying it’s neighbour states. That’s not the problem with America that’s a problem with a terrible and oppressive regime that the world should not be fueling.

Progressive networks can only get their movements going if they can convince you that your country is and always have been evil and systemically terrible to its core to fuel the ‘revolution’. If they can convince you of this then their radical ideas seem normal and respectable by comparison. It’s sad to see and the network should be held accountable for the garbage they spew on their network daily. They do a disservice to modern democrats and help tarnish them with the same brush.

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