Coronavirus is just the thing Neo-Marxists are looking for

To eliminate any controversy right off the bat, Nobody is making the case that Neo-Marxists, classical Marxists, or socialists want to see anybody die, nor is anybody attributing malicious intent. But Covid-19 does help the case for the so-called ‘resisters’ in their quest for financial change.

We’re probably sick to death of the eleven letter word on our screens, in our conversations, and ruining our lives. But for a particular group of mostly economically ‘progressive’ individuals, it’s the saving grace for society and the opportunity for a complete communistic overhaul of all of our classical institutions and fundamental way of life in the west.

But why Neo-Marxists? Is it not the same for the classical Marxists or those that come from the Engels school of thought? Not quite. Marxism, in its rawest form, sees a general concern for the proletariat and where their position is in society and their purpose. They generally see economics in the cycle of feudalism, capitalism, and communism and, across the board, are more complacent. This means they perceive that the end of capitalism will lead to some sort of communist intent, and it will just happen naturally.

The Neo-Marxists are a completely different beast. They don’t want to wait around for the supposedly ‘inevitable’ collapse of capitalism and actively attempt to politicise economics to accelerate the ‘cycle’ to achieve some sort of economic-communism faster. They also HATE the free-market, which ironically, even Marx and Engels praised for its efficiency in creating good quality products and services, capital generation, and innovation.

So, why is the spread of the novel Coronavirus the antidote to a profit-driven world of ‘capitalism gone mad?’ To the Neo-Marxist it’s the perfect storm. The narrative for Coronavirus in politics is so malleable and versatile, that it can be used to argue the case on so many battlefronts.

The Neo-Marxists of today argue the case for communist policy on three main grounds. Intersectionality, systemic oppression and touting the notion that capitalism is inherently evil and that there needs to be equality of outcome because equality of opportunity is no longer sufficient. The Coronavirus can be leveraged significantly, and worryingly convincingly, on all fronts.

Take intersectionality for example. With data and reports showing that the virus is affecting minorities disproportionately, this is going to be militarised as the fault of capitalism. We’re already seeing this happen. The ever-present, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, uttered that Coronavirus is a ‘racist virus‘, that capitalism is responsible for ‘environmental racism’ and that future policy should be geared towards ‘reparations’. We’re actively seeing the Neo-Marxists desperately trying to chip away at capitalism and rigorously underpin it to push us into the communist economy phase.

Stating that capitalism is the ‘root of all evil’ is also how they’re trying to push this narrative – Coronavirus has only added fuel to the fire. One only has to take to Twitter or other social media leftist-havens to see the amount of vitriol towards billionaires and the private sector. Even the very notion of profiting off the supplying of goods for Coronavirus support is utterly repugnant to them. Democrats were also so fast to slam private industry and healthcare in the early stages. Whether it’s their hatred of ‘slush-fund’ stimulus packages or disdain for private companies and those that participate, we will continue to see progressives attributing malice to private industries insinuating they don’t care whilst citing death toll figures to legitimise their position for political gain.

Also, take the need to instill ‘equality-of-outcome’ views into the political sphere. Neo-Marxists do this by repeatedly parroting rhetoric that shows the fragility of capitalism and the markets. They repeatedly argue that if a shutdown can tank the whole system, then we need a mass centralisation of power, wealth, and capital to guarantee safety. All of these methods are designed to plant the seed of doubt on those with capitalist loyalties – it’s being dangerously fuelled by the spread of the virus.

The goal of Neo-Marxists is not to watch the economic naturally crumble like their more-classical counterparts, but to facilitate and accelerate its demise. Coronavirus provides so many opportunities to slam capitalism from a range of angles. Many are already speculating that this age of late-stage-capitalism is coming to an end. The policy prescriptions are getting ever more popular. This is an ideological battle set to change our fundamental way of life as we know it, be prepared for it.

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