The US political ‘status quo’ is what is standing in the way of change, not systemic racism.

Ending what’s now gone on to be a now five-part blogging vent-fest about BlackLivesMatter, it’s important we talk about change. Change comes in many forms. If you’re a reasonably young, university-educated person, chances are you’re automatically seeing your change come in the form of your ‘woke’ upper/middle class, university-educated peers striving to be the most intersectional in their quest to (or at least to be seen to) appease their peers and the BLM crowd.

There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s quite touching in some ways, watching people support a cause. whether they’re sharing stories, recommended readings or posting black squares, you wouldn’t be a moron for fully believing your echo-chamber is showing you the right way to act, to be an ally or to feel. It’s a side-effect of herd mentality – no one wants to be ostracised.

If you’re part of this group, you’ll quickly see everybody scrambling for purpose. “so, you’ve posted a black square, what next?” or “how can we keep our foot on the gas”. All of these motivational sentences are conjured up to make you join the movement. Many of them are out there signing petitions, donating to BLM related causes and protesting. The level of confidence in creating real change that’s being instilled in the general public is palpable. “Thanks to our raising awareness, we’ve got Derrick Chauvin’s charges increased from 3rd to 2nd-degree murder – Keep going!”. “Thanks to our protests, we’ve reopened the inquiry into the unwarranted killing of Breonna Taylor, keep your foot on the gas”.

But have we put a dent in anything? Have people fundamentally shifted society’s views on race in an unprecedented way? Have things REALLY changed this time? The reality is no – nothing has changed. Not one molecule. And it won’t without the backing of serious opposition and fundamental changes in the way the general public engage with politics and the political establishment.

Let’s look into it. When you consume news, somebody wants something from you. At their core, news organisations and corporations are advertising for the political establishment. The way left-leaning outlets grotesquely perpetuate the ‘all cops are evil’ narrative, showing nothing but bloodshed and teargassing ‘peaceful’ protesters. They do this with a blatant and callous disregard for injured police officers, families of injured police officers and their even deaths. For these outlets, it’s evident that only #SomeBlackLivesMatter because no attention was shown to officer Patrick Underwood who was shot in Oakland, California or Ex-officer, David Dorn gunned down in St. Louis, Missouri.

Over the other side to the Right-leaning media and their relentless castigations of people simply exercising their first amendment rights as nothing more than brutish thugs and looters, responsible for making George Floyd turn in his grave. Amongst this group, there’s also the assumption that all supporters of the BLM movement are ignorant about the true historical nature of the USA and fuelled by emotion and irrational thought because surely racism has been abolished from our society right?

The truth is somewhere in the middle. There’s an element of a racial hangover from the Jim Crow and segregationist era still lurking in modern-day society whilst many remain unaffected and thrive in the free society of the United States. But, like every hot-button political topic, understand that for every person trying to discredit your qualms with society, there’s another group, masquerading as allies, that are deliberately hiding any societal progress to keep you angry and in line.

To help explain the point on the status quo, we need to turn our attention to Democrats’ reactions to race wars. When it comes to race in the US and being a passionate campaigner against the establishment it’s worth dispelling a few misconceptions that they trot out to fire up the base.

“Black-on-Black” is not a myth or just blind bigotry. The rate that predominantly young, black men kill each other is comparable to amounts of ‘white-on-white’ crime. Before anybody sells you the theory of socioeconomic proximity and it’s just a racist stereotype, blacks account for 13% of the population – the statistics shouldn’t be remotely comparable yet, they still are. It’s a problem that needs to be addressed not dismissed as racist.

Blacks are not being gunned down en masse like Lebron James and CNN would have you believe, it’s in full justification for their crime rates. They make up 34% of the prison population despite making only 13% of the prison population according to the NAACP. Without instantly jumping to “they’re being pulled into jail for weed”, consider that the rates of theft and violent crime are statistically more prevalent in these communities. Again, an issue that shouldn’t be dismissed as racist. This one should primarily be an issue of judicial malpractice, not race – and there’s plenty of that.

Reverse racism absolute does exist and you’re kidding yourselves to think otherwise. This new not-a-true-Scotsman fallacy has been trotted out to change the definition of racism to encompass power. You can’t be racist if you have no societal power. It’s racist in itself to make presumptions of somebody’s socioeconomic and ‘power’ situation based on the amount of melanin in their skin. You’re telling me Barack Obama couldn’t be racist in his 8-year tenure as the world’s most powerful man? Interesting.

Changing definitions to effectively acquit and absolve the black community of any moral or ethical responsibility to be good people is not treating people ‘equally’, nor is it helping them succeed in a free-society to which your success is predicated on individual responsibility and making good choices.

The true, tangible discrepancies lie in the socio-economic hangover effect of previously red-lined communities and how they’re hurting people now. Individual prejudices from racist, backward individuals holding you back. Profiling from job sectors to police officers. These are at least to some extent viable.

But you can’t change them because of the people maintaining power and fiscal status by keeping up the illusion that there’s been no progress that’s been made and deliberately keeping you angry to vote a certain way. Consider this. Blacks typically overwhelmingly vote for Democratic candidates – somewhere in the region of 90%. Even Hispanic voters, despite record turnout for Donald Trump in 2016, voted in the region of 75% in favour of the democratic candidate.

In the USA there are approximately 44 million blacks and 55 million Hispanics. The Democrat vote share relies heavily on the disdain that Blacks have for ‘systemic racism’ and law enforcement and the hatred that the Hispanic population have for ‘racist’ immigration policy. It’s in their interest to maintain this status quo to maintain a political voting block.

Many polls show that Blacks and Hispanics are more socially and economically conservative than their white counterparts. The strategy of maintaining an illusion that the leader of the opposition and republicans, in general, are racist is a dirty one but almost essential to holding together political and lobbying power.

Speaking of the Obama administration – what did do to fix the black community? He introduced more legislation and rules to help cops in the form of the ‘Blue Alert’ law. The establishment Democratic candidates didn’t help you then and it won’t now.

This is the same with every single hot-button political topic and it’s not isolated to the left-wing or the Democratic Party. However, knowing you’re being manipulated by media hawks has a profound effect on the way you consume news. Don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes and read into everything – there’s always a hidden agenda, wherever you are.

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